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I am more inclined to lend credence to those working the streets and doing the actual work than to what is seeming more and more to be a select group of individuals with a political axe to grind.

While I think the city of Olympia especially could stop funding so many pointless projects and programs in lieu of more emergency services money, it is a vain hope that they're going to change with their current level of pandering leadership.

This area has seen an incredible amount of growth in the last ten years and evidently our fire department(s) have not been growing with it. Everyone seems to think that combining the departments should be cheaper which generally makes sense, but not in light of what has been detailed in this letter.

I'd prefer to see the fire department(s) separated from cities that have proven themselves overly busy with finding creative ways to spend taxpayer money and have a dedicated agency that can be solely focused on providing excellent service. The fire department has a proven track record of being exceptional already, but agencies that don't adapt and change rarely stay at that level.

I like to imagine that this comment section will be filled with rational and lively debate over the points and details in this letter, but I fear all I'm going to see is more whining about the parks department funding, an issue that has already been noticed, recognized, and planned to be fixed.

From: Olympia's firefighters' union head comments about the proposed Olympia-Tumwater Regional Fire Authority

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