300 residential units might soon rise along Hicks Lake in Lacey


The City of Lacey is currently reviewing two proposed residential projects along Hicks Lake which would provide a total of 300 housing units.

Lacey Senior Planner Samra Seymour discussed the project details during the planning commission meeting yesterday. Seymour shared that the two projects include the proposed 178-apartment unit for Schneider Homes Hicks Lake Apartment and the proposed 138-apartment unit for Hicks Lake Multi-Family project.

Schneider Homes Hicks Lake Apartment

Based on the proposal, the Schneider Homes Hicks Lake project will have three buildings, and a total of 178 units. Future residents will have plenty of parking space with 293 parking stalls which are divided between a surface and underground parking area.

The project will also have two recreational structures, which might either include a gym or a pool area. In addition, the developers are also proposing to build a pier and a floating dock. Aside from building great amenities, developers are also planning to conduct shoreline restoration to improve the vegetation and remove any invasive species in the area.

Hicks Lake Multi-Family

Seymour also shared the proposal for the Hicks Lake-Multi family apartment complex. The city planner noted that the second project is slightly smaller than the previous one, which will be composed of four buildings and a total of 132 garden style apartments.

For the construction, each building will have a maximum of 30 feet. The apartment complex will also have a total of 199 parking stalls, and 22 covered bike stalls.

Hicks Lake Multi-Family apartment will also have an amenity building, complete with a pool, gym, and even a leasing office. The developers are also planning to retain the current dock on the site, and plans to add a recreational picnic shelter.

Just like the Schneider Homes proposal, developers are also planning to conduct shoreline vegetation restoration.

Shoreline Jurisdiction vs Setback

Since the two projects are on shoreline properties, Seymour shared that there is a lot of discussion on the difference between a shoreline jurisdiction and a setback.

The city planner explained that the shoreline jurisdiction covers 200 ft. from the ordinary high water mark and is determined by biology experts. “There is oftentimes a misconception that the 200 ft. shoreline jurisdiction is basically the same as a setback, meaning that there could be no development in the area...and that’s not true,” Seymour said.

She noted that the setback is within the shoreline jurisdiction. It begins from the ordinary high water mark and extends 100 ft. landward. The city planner made it clear that developers are prohibited from building any establishments or facilities within the setback. Apart from the 100 ft. limit, other smaller establishments are allowed within the shoreline jurisdiction as long as it is not covered by the setback.

Currently, the city staff has not approved either of the proposals. Once approved the planners would schedule each for public hearings.


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  • Johns2cents

    Great Article. I love the objective reporting without the excessive editorializing like the local fish wrap does. I hope the city considers the proposal favorably while protecting Hicks Lake. More housing will help the.with our current shortage of rentals. Great job Danny Stusser.

    PS. I live that you must pass a kindergarten math test to post your opinion. Comment and see.

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