Allegedly high on opiod drugs, son assaults father, kicks in front door.

Recording of 911 call provides more details


A man assaulted his father after being locked out of the house, breaking the front door down in the process on Monday evening.

Tumwater Police were dispatched on April 26, just before midnight, to the 900 block of Ferry St SW to find a loud argument emanating from the residence, where Samuel Lee Porter, Jr. 27, was screaming at his parents that he would “fight the cops.”

Porter’s aunt called 911 from another address after receiving a phone call from her sister-in-law because Porter was “out of control.”

Porter’s mother, Christine, was “irate” and refused to interact with Tumwater Police. According to the police report, she yelled at her son from across the house that she was “done” and that she “won’t have drugs in my house.”

According to the police report, while officers stood at the doorway awaiting additional units to join them, Christine Porter said several times to her son, “You kicked in my door” and “You broke my door.”

Porter replied back “Yah, I broke it because you locked me out.”

Christine eventually told police that Porter Jr. had kicked in the front door after she had locked him outside.

Prior to locking the front door, police say Porter’s father, also named Samuel Lee Porter, age 54, was assaulted by his son after the father went outside to give his son his wallet. Christine called the assault a “two-way street” and suggested Porter Sr. was “just as much to blame” as Jr.

When Tumwater Police arrived, Porter Sr. was passed out on the living room couch and it took a considerable effort for officers to wake him. Porter Sr. stated that his son pushed him at least “five times” during the confrontation.

Both parents expressed concerns about the son's drug habits. Christine said that Porter was addicted to opioids.

After Porter was booked into the Nisqually Jail for Assault 4 Domestic Violence, Tumwater police were informed that Christine began challenging Porter Sr.’s statement about the assault by his son. Christine Porter said that Porter Sr. was too “drunk to remember what happened.” Porter Sr. then recanted his earlier statement about the physical confrontation between him and his son.

  • Courtesy of Tumwater Police Department

    This call to 911 is of a woman claiming to be the aunt of Samuel Porter, reporting an attack on April 27, 2021.


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