Armed and stoned, Lakewood man accused of scratching Olympia City Hall


A man accused of repeatedly tagging the Olympia Police Station was nabbed last Sunday after arguing broke out with his counterparts during a protest at City Hall.

Aaron Seigler, 26, of Lakewood, used a chalk that created damage to the metal paneling of the OPD Station exterior on the April 25, police say. He was also recognized by Olympia Police as committing past tagging to the station on April 15, 2021.

Olympia police were using a cleaning spray and rag to remove the chalk when Seigler began verbally arguing with his group over photos being taken. Officers approached Seigler, now separated from his party walking down an alleyway, Seigler lifted the rear of his jacket exposing a firearm in a holster on his right front belt line. Officers informed Seigler that if he went for his firearm, that he would have deadly force used against him.

Seigler was carrying a concealed Taurus .380 semi-automatic pistol, holster, magazine and six .380 hollow point bullets, according to the police investigation report. In addition, police say they found “spray paint cans, lighters, and a paint marker were located on his person along with his wallet and phone.”

Seigler also smelled of marijuana and alcohol when interviewed by Olympia Police and did not have a concealed weapons license on him at the time of his arrest, which is a violation. The violation is enhanced by his intoxication level.

Stills from the OPD Station surveillance footage show Seigler tagging the station and pulled off his mask to face the camera directly.

When Seigler was placed in the OPD patrol car to be transported to jail, he told officers “If I had one thing to say, I did not know that chalk would damage the metal paneling which is why I used chalk.”

Seigler was booked into the Olympia Jail on charges of malicious mischief.


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