California-based truck driver made “odd statements” after breaking into Tumwater City Hall

Police found him minutes later, hiding in a basement storage room


A man broke into Tumwater City Hall late Tuesday, April 20, and while doing so left his 18-wheel semi-truck idling, blocking the entire parking lot. Tumwater Police wrote in their report that they believe the man was clearly not in a “good mental state” when he did so.

Michael Anthony Watash Hansen, 44, a California-based truck driver, allegedly broke two windows at Tumwater City Hall and gained access to the locked building, setting off the fire burglar alarm at 10:45 p.m.

Hansen told police that he was at a Kent truck stop when “some guys started messing” with his truck. Hansen left the area, claiming that the men continued to follow him, and at one point, “guns were pulled on him” during a freeway chase.

Hansen said that he pulled into Tumwater City Hall, breached the window, and called inside. Hansen said that the men followed him inside, but that he hid, and then law enforcement arrived.

“I banged on the window, broke it, and went in to look for people,” Hansen told police.

Officers found Hansen in the downstairs Parks Department, sitting on the floor in one of the rooms. He was sweaty, crying and bleeding from his right elbow and left palm, injuries he sustained when breaking through the front door glass.

Tumwater Police noted in their report that Hansen was either on narcotics or was experiencing paranoia. He continued to make “odd statements” about the regular flow of traffic and starting that people were pointing at him from the local street corner. Officers saw no one from the street corner as Hansen attempted to point them out.

The semi-truck’s trailer was empty. The truck’s cab contained Hansen’s clothes and suggested that Hansen had been living out of it. The truck is registered to a Wyoming company; an official there confirmed to police that Hansen worked for them, and that he was to have been on his way from Auburn, Washington to Sacramento, California with a shipment.

A police spokesperson told The JOLT that officers determined that Hansen would not have met the criteria necessary so that he could be held for a psychiatric evaluation.

Hansen was at first considered ineligible to be booked into the county jail due to limitations set during the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on officers’ concerns about Hansen’s condition, Tumwater Police asked for an exception. The exception was granted. Hansen was booked into the county jail for burglary in the second degree and malicious mischief.

As of Friday afternoon, Hansen continues to be held in the Thurston County Jail on two $2,500 bonds.


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frances l beard

44, a California-based truck driver, and ppl wonder why i take the side roads instead of the intersate...

Saturday, April 24
Nicki Wimberly

Really questionable, as to why this guy didn't meet the need for a mental evaluation. He was clearly in some type of mental crisis.

Wednesday, May 5