Olympia City Hall

City officials talk forming city-wide human rights commission


OLYMPIA –– To expand access to human rights and oppose human rights violations for Olympians city-wide, Olympia’s General Government Committee is working to form a Human Rights Commission for the city.

“The formed commission on an internal level will focus on fostering an inclusive and welcoming workplace, where employees can be their authentic selves, be validated and thrive,” said Olivia Salazar de Breaux, equity and inclusion coordinator. “On an external level the commission will act as a liaison between the city council, further helping lift marginalized voices.” 

City officials recommended the new commission be named the Social Justice and Equity Commission for now, as it is thought to be more inclusive of certain groups. The commission would be tasked with dismantling institutional racism in the city government, which would include reviewing the city’s policies, plans and operations on a variety of subjects with the goal of expanding access to justice and equal treatment.

Members of the general government committee approved the recommendation, which will be forwarded to the city council for further discussion on August 11. 


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