County auditor:  “Our elections are totally above reproach.”

National Voter Registration Day, Sept. 28, recognized by Tumwater mayor


Thurston County Auditor Mary Hall addressed local questions about nationwide concerns about voter fraud and election integrity, as she assured voters that “our elections are totally above reproach.”

Hall made the statement during the regular Tumwater City Council meeting on Tue., Sept. 21. During the discussion, Councilmember Joan Cathey asked the auditor how such concerns had affected her office.

The auditor is responsible for local elections in Thurston County.  She confirmed that counties within the state have received several complaints regarding voter fraud and election integrity. However, Hall believed that these complaints are only designed to create doubt. “Rest assured that our elections are totally above reproach...we are the gatekeepers of democracy and we’re gonna stand up to this,” Hall said. She also added that voters do not have anything to worry about the incoming elections as it is  “safe, and secure.”

“Voting really is the cornerstone of our democracy,” Hall shared. She also invited residents to observe the entire election process to see for themselves.

As an update, the auditor also confirmed that the voter ballots will arrive a week earlier than usual. “Be aware that your voter pamphlets and your ballots will end up in your mailboxes a little early so you’ll have plenty of time to research candidates and issues,” the county auditor said.

During the meeting, Tumwater Mayor Pete Kmet also issued a proclamation recognizing next Tue., declared Sept. 28, 2021 as National Voter Registration Day. Kmet said he hopes that the observance will encourage eligible residents to register and exercise their right to vote.

The mayor said, “The strength of our democracy depends on the willingness of our citizens to participate by choosing the people who will lead us and by voicing their opinions on important matters that will come before the voters on Election Day.”

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