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County Auditor rules that Commissioner Candidate C Davis' voter registration is invalid

The beleaguered candidate, also accused of sexual harassment of minor girls, has the right to correct his voter registration, pursuant to RCW 29A.08.840(5)


OLYMPIA -- Thurston County Auditor Mary Hall ruled today that C Davis, the Republican candidate for county commissioner, had registered to vote improperly.

This follows the Aug. 27 hearing about the August 21 voter registration challenged filed by Andrew Saturn that alleged that Davis does not live at the address on his voter registration documents.  As of this ruling, Davis is not eligible to vote unless he files a new registration document that uses a valid address.  

During the hearing, Davis refused at least five times to provide a straight answer to the auditor's question about where he resides, at one point comparing himself to homeless people by asking, "So where do homeless people reside?"

Saturn hired a private investigator, Arthur Mills, who testified that David has 24 aliases and imposters, the majority of which point to an address at 1263 Bigelow Ave., Olympia, according to the Auditor's Decision document, issued today.  County records show the owner of the property at that address to be "C Davis."

Saturn provided "testimony and evidence from former tenants of the Duplex that stated that C. Davis did live there and that C. Davis refused to receive mail there because he did not want a paper trail," according to the document.

Washington law requires individuals seeking to register to vote to provide their "permanent address where he or she physically resides and maintains his abode," and includes provisions for people who lack a traditional address, such as homeless people and those who are traveling. Davis failed to persuade Hall that he was homeless or that the use of a non-traditional address is appropriate, according to the document.

Thurston County Assessor records confirm that Davis both owns the property on Bigelow Ave., and receives a "Senior/Disabled Level A" exemption from certain taxes. To legally qualify for this exemption, an owner must use the property as his or her primary residence. 

Following accusations after the August 4 primary election by women who say that Davis contacted them inappropriately when they were teenagers, the Thurston County Republicans withdrew their support for Davis.  


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