County expands Veterans Advisory Board

The board is seeking up to 6 veterans to volunteer to serve on the board


The Thurston Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) voted to approve amending the county code to expand the number of members of the Veterans Advisory Board on Tuesday, April 2.

The amendment increases the number of advisory board members from nine to a maximum of 15.

Mark Moffett from the Public Health and Social Services Department explained to the board that the increase in members reflects the expansion of the county districts from three to five. Each district is supposed to be represented by three members, which is why the advisory now needs 15 members.

Moffett added that the advisory board has set “strong goals” for the next years and wants to form subcommittees to complete the work.

Bill Powell, chair of the Veterans Advisory Board, added that he needs additional help as he is the only full-time board member.

“Right now, we can't do anything because I'm the only person doing it,” Powell said, explaining that other board members have regular jobs.

“I'm not gonna die doing volunteer work. I'm trying to help the veterans, but I can't do it by myself,” the chair added.

The Veterans Advisory Board is comprised entirely of veterans who reside in the county. The county code requires that most members be elected officers or members of a nationally recognized veteran’s association.

The BoCC has the authority to appoint advisory board members and to expel members through a majority vote if they fail to attend two meetings without an adequate excuse.

Every board member has a term length of three years. Those interested in applying may fill out a form on the county website.


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