County planning council invites community members to participate in building future trail network


The Thurston Regional Planning Council (TRPC) has updated the Thurston Regional Trails Plan, and it is asking for the community's feedback by participating in a survey to help them shape the future of the county's trail network.

TRPC Senior Planner Paul Brewster said the plan is a major update to a long-term blueprint that will guide the expansion of the trail network.

"The draft plan's recommendations propose a combined 110 additional miles of paved multi-use trails to increase recreation and transportation options for communities across our region,” Brewster said in an email to The JOLT.” That plan benefits everyone who enjoys the outdoors, whether hiking, walking their dog, bicycling, nature watching, or exercising."

The existing regional trails network has 60 miles of trails, 14 major trail corridors, and eight trail managing agencies.

The proposed expansion includes 170 miles of trails on 16 major trail corridors. The goal is to have:

  • A connected and accessible network, which effectively connects communities, destinations, and other transportation facilities.
  • A user-friendly network that functions well for different types of users.
  • A safe and secure experience for all who use, operate, and maintain it.
  • A collaborative effort with managing agencies to build and maintain the regional network.
  • A well-maintained network in a cost-effective manner.

TRPC offers community members multiple ways to get involved in shaping Thurston's Trail Network, which is available until October 9:

  • Participate in an online open house to get a summary of the plan and upcoming trail projects. Community members can share their priorities through a survey.
  • Dive deep into the plan, available on the project website.
  • Go directly to the survey.
  • Have a one-on-one conversation by contacting Brewster at 360.741.2526 or so he can connect you to one of the project's team members to discuss your ideas.

"Whichever way you participate, TRPC wants your feedback to help us set the region's priorities. Catch the vision for a regional trail network that is first-rate, accessible, expandable, and effectively maintained,” TRPC said in a press statement. “The Thurston Region has built nearly 60 miles of shared-use trails”.

"Can we build another 110?" the council asked.


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  • Claire

    Put multiple trails along Percival Creek!

    Saturday, September 30, 2023 Report this

  • wildnature

    Yes, I agree with the commenter above, making the existing trail official along Percival Creek. It is a beautiful canyon accessed from behind the car dealerships on the west side and the freeway to the ocean. And the trail can be accessed going uphill from Capitol Lake. My husband and I walked it, and were surprised at the old growth cedars along the creek. A real jewel of a park. Encampments abound, and were cordial to us walking by, thank goodness. If more people see how beautiful this forgotten area of Olympia is, maybe we can get more help with routing the homeless into small house programs and get them out of the winter rains? And restore the overall loveliness of the area instead of letting it go to a trash heap.

    Tuesday, October 3, 2023 Report this