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De-stressing techniques: for Covid or any time


Dear Lexis,

During this time of Covid, I wondered if you had some de-stressing techniques that you could share to help people find some calm.



Hey Julie,

I’m glad you asked this question. Covid has definitely caused a massive shift in the lives of us all. Stress is one of those subjects that people don’t consider very often but can have a huge impact on our lives; high stress levels equal lower immune systems (your body won’t dedicate precious energy to fighting a virus when you’re being chased by a lion). Learning to take life a little easier is a wonderful way to improve your overall health and longevity.

When it comes to de-stressing, there are two methods I use a lot: The Double Breath Technique and The Heart-mind Meld. These methods can both be used in any negative, or challenging, situation to help you recenter and approach life with clear eyes. Incidentally, I also recommend these methods in calm times as they boost your longevity and benefit your body in any number of ways. 

The Heart-mind Meld can even aid in telomere regrowth. Check out for more information on the Heart-mind Meld (or as they call it The Quick Coherence Technique).

But you didn’t come here for homework, you came for help, so let’s get to it.

De-stress method 1 : Double Breath Technique

I generally use this method to quickly bring myself back into a state of clarity in a high-stress environment (such as an argument, accident, or when dealing with a problem of high importance). This technique is a play on our body’s natural destress mechanisms, but done consciously.

Performing The Double Breath Technique -

First breath:

Inhale as quickly as you can (ideally less than 1 second), hold for 1 second, and then release the breath slowly (as slowly as you can without it being uncomfortable).

Second breath (preformed immediately after):

Inhale slowly (ideally as slowly as you exhale previously without it being uncomfortable), bring thoughts of your stressor to mind, rapidly breath out, expelling the stressor with the breath (breathe out as fast as you can, ideally less than 2 seconds).

Essentially, we’re flooding your brain with oxygen so that you can see the situation more clearly and then we’re releasing excess tension and loosening up your body and mind for any required action. Test it out and see how it feels. Sometimes I just play around with this technique because it feels so great to relax like this.

Destress Method 2:  The Heart-mind Meld

Making a habit out of The Heart-mind Meld is one of the best things you can do for your body, although any time you utilize it, it will benefit you. This method can be use in high stress environments, but I tend to utilize it more as a method to decompress after a stressful situation has passed (or to aid in long term, chronic stress situations like Covid).

Performing The Heart-mind Meld -

Step 1:

Breathe deeply.

Step 2:

Touch your finger to your chest above your heart and focus your attention on the touch. As best you can, bring your awareness to your heart center.

Step 3:

Draw up a positive emotion within and let it flood your system. Some of my favorites include: humor, appreciation, laugher, light, specifics like flowers, and joy. Anything that makes you genuinely smile, works.

I generally try to stick with this method for 3 to 5 minutes, although longer is fine is you feel drawn.  I don’t recommend less than 3 minutes though as I don’t think you can get the full benefit of this technique in less time.

Of the two methods, I recommend The Heart-mind Meld for overall wellbeing, it’s a technique that has served me well. For moments of high tension, start with The Double Breathe Technique and then follow it up with the Heart-mind Meld.

Feel free to test these methods out yourself and see if they work for you. I encourage you to share these techniques with anyone who you think might benefit from learning about them.

Hope this helps you destress and find some peace in this uncertain time. I wish you a healthy, joyful life.

     ~ Lexis

Alexis Baker writes from her home in Olympia.  Write to her at 


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