Disturbance at Courtside Apartments in Olympia leads to felon’s arrest


Olympia Police arrested a felon early on June 29 after a disturbance was reported at the Courtside Apartments in Olympia.

A resident reported hearing yelling and screaming, suggesting that his neighbor was being assaulted.

The resident reported knocking on his neighbor's door and saw three males inside  who later left the apartment and headed toward Capital Mall Drive. The witness said that the victim’s face was "all messed up."

The Olympia Fire Department was dispatched to treat the victim's facial injuries.

When interviewed, the victim stated that he had allowed a man, whom he called "Zion," to stay at his apartment a few nights prior.

The man returned early in the morning to retrieve a suitcase he had left behind.

When the victim couldn’t answer his calls, Zion entered the apartment, assaulted the victim, threatened him with a gun, and allegedly said, "I will kill everybody here," addressing the victim along with the victim’s two friends who were inside the apartment at the time of the incident.

The victim confided to the authorities that he was afraid for his life and believed the man might shoot him.

OPD officers then contacted two individuals, identified as Elijah and Sebastian, matching the descriptions of the suspects on Capital Mall Drive SW.

Initially, Elijah gave a false name, but his name was revealed when authorities saw his ID placed inside his backpack with the name Elijah Zion Amir St. Clair.

The suspect initially denied being at Courtside Apartments, but the reporting party identified both Elijah and Sebastian, after which Elijah then admitted to being at the apartment but denied any assault.

During the interaction, officers were informed of a possible firearm involved and discovered a loaded black Glock handgun on St. Clair upon conducting a frisk. The police officers cut away the suspects left pants leg to reveal the weapon, just above the knee. The reporting officer heard him state an excited utterance of "I have the right to carry my gun".

St. Clair then attempted to flee but was controlled and placed in wrist restraints, later on headbutting an officer when inside the police vehicle to be transported.

“Elijah began to lean against me to try and resist me from getting his legs into the back of the vehicle. Elijah then cocked his head back and headbutted me in my chest” an OPD officer stated in the police report.

When authorities checked the suspect’s records, it was discovered that he is a convicted felon with multiple active felony warrants.

“Elijah is a convicted felon with an active felony Washington State Department of Corrections warrant for escape community custody - original charge assault in the 3rd degree, as well as multiple active warrants out of OPD for harassment, pedestrian interference, resisting, and disorderly conduct,” OPD revealed in the police report.

The suspect was transported to Thurston County Jail and was booked for charges including first-degree unlawful possession of a firearm, second-degree assault with a deadly weapon, third-degree assault, and harassment - threats to kill.

Authorities released Sebastian, after seeing no reason to detain him.


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  • olyhiker

    Hmmm. He has 'multiple active felony warrants' and they see no reason to detain him! A felon isn't supposed to carry a gun, etc.

    Wednesday, July 10 Report this

  • susanh

    I'm amazed at how many criminals are being released when they have previous warrants and have committed another crime. Where is the justice for the victims?

    Wednesday, July 10 Report this

  • Freebird

    They released Sebastian, who was the felon's sidekick.

    Friday, July 12 Report this