Driver blows .263 after being pulled over for no tail light

Three whiskeys and six beers contributed to this story


A man who didn’t use a turn signal and whose vehicle's brake light wasn't illuminating drove through a stop sign in front of a marked Olympia Police car just before midnight on Tuesday.

David A. Graves, 24, on April 27 completed the Drager Alcotest, yielding results that showed blood alcohol levels at  .263 and .257. The Washington legal limit is .08. Graves told Olympia Police that he had just left the Town Tavern right before being stopped at the 2800 block of Pacific Avenue.

Graves told Olympia Police that prior to going to the Town Tavern he had been drinking at the Silver Saloon as his girlfriend works as a bartender there. He admitted to drinking three shots of whiskey and six beers.

When Olympia Police asked at what time Graves’ last drink was, he said “right before you pulled me over.”

When Graves conducted the Walk and Turn sobriety test, he could not keep his balance and asked “what do you want me to perform?” Graves started walking the white line without being instructed to do so, used his arms for balance, kept saying “yes, ma’am, yes ma’am,” to the officer, and then stated “I don’t want to do this.”

Graves was arrested and booked into the Olympia Jail for a DUI, given a traffic citation for failure to yield at a stop sign, and another for not having a functional third brake light. Six times during the patrol ride to the Jail, Graves asked what happened to his truck and how he was going to get to work in the morning, according to the police report. 


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