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Endless Sound Cellars launches its new winery at 222 Market


Downtown Olympia gained its own winery last month as Mark Bosso opened Endless Sound Cellars in the 222 Market building. Bosso, originally from New Jersey, was able to combine two loves into one business.

Endless Sound Cellars is the culmination of careful consideration, and the result of a passionate love affair with wine making. Bosso describes himself as “methodical and contemplative” by nature. And the well-thought-out construction of his life has landed him in Olympia with his first retail business. Endless Sound Cellars is the culmination of careful consideration, and the result of a passionate love affair with winemaking.

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The location for Endless Sound Cellars was not by chance. Bosso and his wife searched and considered the entire Pacific Northwest region before stacking their barrels in Olympia. Bosso said of the decision, “We felt Olympia was the best place for the family, but also the perfect market for the winery.”

Despite growing up a New Jersey kid, Bosso was bitten by the cloudy Washington bug. His children are 8, 5 and 1.  He wants to share the Pacific Northwest lifestyle of camping and hiking with his kids. To show his appreciation of the region he branded his business Endless Sound Cellars, “I’m kinda in love with the Puget Sound.”

Winemaking is a complex process; each method results in a singular product for the palette. Bosso attempts to make personable wine for a personal experience through his winemaking and presentation.

Every wine has a story. Bosso sells glasses of wine with notes of taste and origin. Bosso explained, “I’m trained on how to get the grapes into wine. My background is the science of winemaking.”

But science alone does not make a business. Bosso enjoys the social aspect of serving customers. Each pour is accompanied by Bosso’s experience. Sara Bagdadi found Endless Sound Cellars on Instagram. As a first-time customer, she said she enjoyed the experience and that Bosso created a “very relaxing atmosphere.” Sammi Frankhouse lives in downtown Olympia. Excited about her visit she said, “I live right nearby. It’s great to have a space like this.”

From apprentice to winemaker

Bosso studied his craft for a decade in the Seattle area as an assistant winemaker with Pomum Cellars and Baer Winery. Bosso describes the positions as apprenticeships as he long felt that he was always meant to leave the vineyard, and roll into his own winery.

These apprenticeships also yielded a friendship with vineyard and winery owner Javier Alfonso. Alfonso grows grapes in the Rattlesnake Hills in Yakima County Washington, a subregion of the Columbia Valley wine region. He also owns Pomum Cellars in Woodinville. All of the hand-crafted wines produced at Endless Sound Cellars are from Alfonso’s grapes in the Rattlesnake Hills.

Endless Sound Cellars currently features mostly red Spanish and French varietal wines. Tomporneo and Graciano are the two Spanish. Syrah, Cabernet Franc and Malbec are the French varieties. Bosso offers one white wine, Pinot Gris, a French variety. Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are currently in process waiting for the right time to release.

Endless Sound Cellars will celebrate a grand opening on Saturday, December 9. You can beat the rush and perform your own taste tests by visiting from Wednesday through Saturday from Noon to 6 p.m., or on Sunday by appointment. For more information visit or call 360-451-4026.


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  • jdreillyjr

    I enjoyed reading the article, but stumbled a bit when I read the two Spanish varieties that Endless Sound Cellars features. Graciano is one I’m familiar with, but Tomporneo?! Could it actually be Tempranillo?

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