Traffic Advisory

Ensign Road closed tomorrow

The city plans to remove garbage left by campers


Ensign Road from Martin Way to Providence Mother Joseph Care Center will be closed off from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. tomorrow, May 25, according to an Olympia press release.

Both lanes of Ensign Road will undergo deep cleaning which will remove garbage and debris resulting from people camping along the road in their vehicles. Campers will only be allowed to return to the road if they have a permit from the Homeless Response Team, so the City can limit the number of vehicles parked along the road.

Emergency vehicles will be allowed access to the road on the day, with access to Providence Mother Joseph Care Center, South Sound Oral Surgery and Laboratories Northwest still available via Lilly Road.

Cleaning may continue the following day if the operation cannot be done in one day, said Olympia Homeless Response Coordinator Kim Kondrat in the press release.

Questions and concerns can be addressed to Kondrat via 360-753-8101 or


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  • FirstOtter

    On at least two occasions in the last several years, I've had to take a family member to the Emergency Room. I took Ensign road because it was quicker..or so I hoped. Both times there were people in the road, arguing or dinking around in the engine of their RV or doing SOMETHING, and when I passed, one flipped me off and screamed at me. He resembles a man who parked along Deschutes and made a habit of standing IN the road, forcing a driver to almost stop to avoid hitting him.

    I've also been told that even ambulances have a hard time getting through there at times.

    It's time they were moved to someplace that doesn't impede emergency vehicles. I'm not even going to address the garbage they have. SOme of those vehicles have been there so long they have weeds growing underneath them. You know they're there permanently when they have a generator running.

    Then you find them in the ER, yelling about 'no one taking care of me' or just hanging out. I feel so sorry for the ER staff, having to deal with these people.

    Wednesday, May 25 Report this

  • teribleter

    I was at the ER May 3rd er lot was full so I had to park next to ensign. where I watched several security running across the lot, they surrounded a guy, and finally one security took him down until police arrived. I told front desk, "that's next to my car."

    Later officer Manning left a message on my phone. " There's been an incident with a rock and your windshield."

    Yep, the guy threw a huge rock into my windshield. When he went to court they sent him out for a psychological evaluation.

    Hospital did reimburse the cost of the window.

    Friday, May 27 Report this