Happy Leap Year and my idea of an epic birthday


Happy Leap Year!  And to all the Leap Year Babies, Happy Birthday! Since it only happens every four years, I hope you are doing something epic this year to celebrate.

What does ‘epic’ mean? According to the Thesaurus, it can mean several things, such as heroic, classic, extravaganza – in short, larger than life.

So how does that translate to an epic birthday in our communities?

Well, for openers, you might stop by the Psychic Sisters:

In addition to their offerings of tarot cards, essences, books, and other items to help you explore your inner self, they also offer readers to help you navigate the coming year.


Serena Portal is an Astrologer, Oracle Card Reader, and Intuitive specializing in conscious creation. She helps you better understand your personal energy signature and find the quickest route to clarity in creating your heart's desires.

Serena invokes her guides and yours to work together in a co-creative fashion that is personal, warm, and fun.

Denise Kinney provides personalized, one-on-one psychic services. Her unique approach utilizes a blend of psychic intuition and other traditional and specialized techniques.

With profound spiritual knowledge and a caring heart, Denise will customize your reading to suit your individual needs. Denise has studied metaphysics, astrology, healing, and Spiritualism. She has done thousands of readings over 28 years. She is also a spiritualist minister and committed to teaching psychic development and other spiritual pursuits.

Psychic Sisters is located at 109 5th Street SE. For more information, click here.  

If epic food interest is more up your alley, you have your work cut out for you. There are so many choices available in our neck of the woods. I don’t envy your decision-making process, or maybe I do…

For me, if it were my epic birthday, I would start with breakfast at the Martin Way Diner. It is a real diner, nothing fancy, just delicious food, and you can get breakfast all day. Click here for link.

Lunch becomes more difficult. I might have to do courses – clam chowder at the Chelsea Farms Oyster Bar, and then a burger at the Iron Rabbit.   

Later, much later, dinner would be enjoyed at the Flaming Pig in Tumwater. The name alone makes my mouth water. And if I am not sure when my tummy will be ready for the next meal, I can order takeout to be enjoyed when I am ready. Click here for link.

In between lunch and dinner I would hit the Left Bank Pastry Shop to pick up dessert for around bedtime. This will take quite a bit of time…so many delights to choose from, but I would persevere until a selection is made. No one eats cake on an epic birthday. Click here for link.  

Hopefully I would eke out enough time in-between meals to visit some book stores downtown, Pet Smart in Lacey, to share some of my epic birthday with Bella Rose, the smartest dog in my world, and to stop into Hops and Drops for a yummy ice cold lemon drop cocktail. Click here for link.  

Now I may have mentioned before, in my family we celebrate a birthday month. So, during my next epic birthday, I will have time to explore the Wet Museum, re-visit the Farmers Market, all the local nurseries, art galleries, and several spas.

And while I was not born on February 29 and do not get to celebrate a leap year birthday, I will celebrate an epic birthday next month anyway – my 80th.

Pretty epic opportunity for a celebration, if I say so myself.

Kathleen Anderson writes this column each week from her home in Olympia. Contact her at or post your comment below.


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  • cappers

    Great article. As newcomers here, we now have some great suggestions from you on where ( and what ) to eat.

    Also great to know about the readings at Psychic Sisters.


    Thursday, February 29 Report this