Homelessness and affordable housing funding approved by county housing council

Thurston Regional Housing Council's approval moves the decision to the Board of County Commissioners


The Thurston Regional Housing Council approved over $20 million in funding recommendations for homeless services and affordable housing projects at its meeting last Wednesday, May 8.

The recommendations were presented by the Homeless Services Advisory Board and the Thurston Affordable Housing Advisory Board. The RHC accepted the recommendations and will formally submit them to the Thurston County Board of County Commissioners for approval in June.

The funding recommendations include new contracts awarded through the 2024 Consolidated Request for Proposals issued in February 2023, as well as renewals of existing contracts.

For cold and hazardous weather shelter activities, the RHC recommended three new contracts totaling $326,934.

Cold and hazardous weather contracts:

  • Family Support Center’s Cold and Hazardous Weather program - $240,834
  • Interfaith Works’ Hazardous Weather program - $43,050
  • Olympia Mutual Aid Partners’ Hazardous Weather Shelter in Place program - $43,050

The council also approved $5,985,969 in awards for eight affordable housing capital projects estimated to create or preserve around 230 affordable housing units.

Affordable housing funding:

  • Behavioral Health Resources’ B&B Apartments Redevelopment Phase 1 - $950,000
  • Homes First’s Four-plex acquisition and/or rehab for affordable housing - $635,969
  • Homes First’s O’FarrelL ADUs - $165,000
  • Homes First’s single family home acquisition for low-income tenants - $375,000
  • Low Income Housing Institute’s (LIHI) Franz Anderson permanent supportive housing - $1,500,000
  • LIHI’s Maple Court permanent supportive housing - $1,100,000
  • South Puget Sound Habitat for Humanity’s Talicn Townhomes Phase 1 - $560,000
  • South Puget Sound Habitat for Humanity’s Yelm Longmire Phase 2 - $700,000

The RHC renewed eligible contracts from 2023 that provide services to those experiencing homelessness or help meet basic needs. Originally funded for one year, the 52 contracts had the option to renew for a second year based on performance. Due to a 23% funding increase from the Washington Department of Commerce, the renewed contracts will now total $14.9 million through June 2025.

The affordable housing funds come from various local and federal sources, including the City of Olympia, county-wide Local Home Funds, document recording fees, sales tax, the HOME Investment Partnership Program, and HOME American Rescue Plan Act. Homeless services funding was provided by the County-wide Local Home Fund, document recording fees, state homeless and housing grants, and the state Emergency Housing Fund.


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