Intercity Transit extends contract with wireless communications vendor


Intercity Transit’s (IT) board of directors authorized General Manager Emily Bergkamp to execute a $275,000 purchase order with Day Wireless Systems to provide digital radio communications for its operations and maintenance teams.

IT has been using Day Wireless’ TRBOWest Digital Network for three years.

The new purchase order extends the deal for another five years and for a not-to-exceed amount of $274,428.

The contract's maximum value includes the cost to implement the network and a 10% contingency fund for potential purchase needs over the next five years. The contract also accounts for programming costs to transition the system to a newer software platform.

Procurement Coordinator Jeff Peterson explained they needed a digital communication system as IT’s primary communication method is cellular-based. A digital communication network functions as a redundant system to improve the reliability of the agency’s communications.

The coordinator also told the board that the network hardware has an expected useful life of up to ten years, so no replacement is expected during the new contract's duration.


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