Intercity Transit signs petition supporting the formation of Olympia Downtown Improvement District


Intercity Transit’s Board of Directors adopted a resolution on Wednesday, November 1, authorizing Interim General Manager Emily Bergkamp to sign a petition supporting the formation of the Olympia Downtown Improvement District (DID).

Olympia Downtown Alliance is leading the petition to create the new taxing district, which would be used to finance improvement and services for Olympia downtown properties.

The petition would need the support of property owners representing at least 60% of the assessed property values in the district before it is endorsed to the Olympia City Council, which has the authority to establish the district through an ordinance.

The board also authorized the agency to opt-in as a ratepayer to the proposed district. According to the resolution, IT would pay the district $2,393.29 annually.

The tax is calculated by the length of the property’s street frontage and other factors, such as the assessed value of the property and whether the property belongs to the “core” or “non-core” area of the district.

Olympia Downtown Alliance Executive Director Todd Cutts told the board that the agency’s properties would fall under the non-core district and be classified as “non-profit or exempt.” According to a table presented by Cutts, owners of non-core properties classified as “non-profit or exempt” would need to pay $1.94 per foot of street frontage plus $0.000166 per $1 of assessed property value.

The district seeks to raise $575,000 in taxes for its first year and would use these funds to provide cleaning and beautification services and programs to assist small businesses through marketing and training.

“What this is all about, [is] really looking to provide that advocacy leadership services with an eye towards the downtown experience quality of life,” Cutts said. “At its core, the downtown improvement district… starts with enhancing cleanliness, supporting a safe and welcoming environment in downtown Olympia, working on beautifying our public spaces, working through economic development measures, [and] supporting our small businesses downtown.”

Based on the resolution, other services to be provided by the district include a downtown guide program, safety escorts, homeless outreach, and direction assistance.

The deadline for the petition is on November 17. If established, Olympia Downtown Alliance would administer the district, allowing the district to take advantage of the non-profit’s services.


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