JASCOM marks 1000 neuter/spay surgeries


Thurston County’s Joint Animal Services (JASCOM) marked a significant milestone on June 25 by performing its 1,000th spay/neuter surgery, just over a year after conducting the first surgery on June 15, 2023.

Sarah Hock, the Director of Joint Animal Services, presented this achievement during a JASCOM meeting on Monday, June 8.

“Summer is the busiest year for JAS,” according to Hock.

To help with the busy summer months, a local donor contributed $2,000 to waive adoption fees when needed.

Best Friends Animal Society also awarded a $5,000 grant to waive shelter fees, as necessary.

Year to date, JASCOM has received $93,129 in donations and grants. This amount includes monetary contributions but excludes in-kind donations such as food, toys, and supplies.

Staff Training and Development

Two new Field Service Officers, Ashlyne and Nichelle, have completed their field training and are now performing solo duties.

Furthermore, all staff will undergo mandatory training in cruelty investigation, led by Field Services Supervisor Sierra Teas. This training will cover the expectations for running a case, standard operating procedures, the importance of case documentation, and animal care.

In addition to the cruelty investigation training, the field team is scheduled to participate in forensic exam training on July 17, led by Dr. Vicky Smith. This training aims to enhance the team's ability to handle and document forensic evidence in animal welfare cases.


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