Jilted husband allegedly threatens wife at gunpoint


Lacey police arrested a suspect yesterday, April 14, for allegedly hitting his wife and threatening her at gunpoint after reading some messages she received on her phone.

According to the Lacey Police Department’s (LPD) press release, officers were dispatched to a call that had “a lot of chaos and yelling on the line,” with a male voice proclaiming, “If I’m gonna die, everyone else is going to die.”

Officers were able to locate the source of the call, where a male stepped out of a house with a shotgun, but then immediately went inside after seeing the police, emerging again without the firearm.

After detaining the man, police contacted the woman who made the call, who led them to the man’s loaded shotgun.

According to the woman, the man is her husband, and she is currently getting a divorce. She added that he became angry when he went through his phone and read some of her messages.

The woman claimed her husband struck her in the face when he confronted her and threatened to kill her with the shotgun. When she tried to call 911, the husband took away her phone and shattered its screen. However, the call had already gone through, and dispatch could hear the struggle and send officers to the scene.

LPD noted that the woman still had a red, swollen face when they arrived at the scene.

The male was booked into jail for felony harassment, simple assault, malicious mischief and interfering with reporting of domestic violence.

“If you or someone you know are experiencing #DomesticViolence,” LPD reminded, “you can call or text 911, call non-emergency dispatch at: (360) 704-2740, or call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at: 800-799-7233.”


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  • bobkat

    . . . . and the address of this reported rime and arrest was . . . . . ?????

    Tuesday, April 16 Report this

  • Boatyarddog


    Stop asking for this kind of information on Public members.

    Its called Doxxing, if Names, addresses, of individuals under police investigation are released.

    Ley law enforcement do Their Job.

    They would tell you the same.

    Tuesday, April 16 Report this