Kaiser Road proposal would subdivide 16.85 acres into 53 lots


With the continuing need for more housing, the Olympia Site Plan Review Committee reviewed a proposal to subdivide a 16.85-acre property into 53 lots.

On Wed., Sep. 1, the committee heard a proposal by Phyhena Investments, LLC to divide Kaiserwood Plat, a property that is located along 2100 Kaiser Road NW. According to the developers, they plan to divide the property into 53 lots to construct 52 single-family townhouse units and one multi-unit apartment building.

The developer shared that each townhouse would be built on a lot averaging 3,000 sq. ft. with the lot for the multi-unit apartment building being planned for approximately 8,664 square feet.

Currently, the developer has yet to introduce a design for the apartment building, however, they plan to include six housing units, two stories of living space, and elevated parking. For its utilities, the developer proposes to connect the units with existing stormwater improvements.

In addition, the project would have walk-up offsite parking. To provide access to the lots and apartment unit, the plan also includes providing a road along the 20th Avenue NW.


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