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Lacey museum project progresses


Correction:  This story has been changed to reflect the correct name and title of the person who is quoted in this story.

LACEY –– On Wednesday evening the Lacey Historical Commission provided some quick updates on the status of the Lacey Museum & Civic Center project, which is making progress despite complications from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The revamp of the Lacey Museum & Civic Center has been a recent talking point for the local community, though the process of its renovation stretches back nearly a decade. 

“We completed our reopening plan even though at this point we won’t be open until at least after September,” said museum curator Erin Quinn Valcho. “We [also] decided to postpone the Washington 1889 exhibit. It’s taken already for next year so I’m trying to decide whether we’ll get a different exhibit or do it at a different time of the year.”

The museum’s new database system for requesting historical photos is now installed in its early form.

“Our new database, The Hub, is now live, and I’ll soon be connecting that to the city’s website and replacing it with what’s there now. It looks much cleaner and is a lot easier to use, but it is in beta form so it will be more robust when they get it revamped," said Valcho.

She added that as of right now it does not have the direct photo request feature, but that this will be available in the future.

“We continued to work on the new museum logo and the new website,” Valcho said.  In addition, “Sasquatch was shipped off to Maine.”

The temporary “Sasquatch Revealed” exhibit, which has been a focal point of the museum since May of 2019, spent its final days in Lacey this summer and was moved to its next location.

The county has also been waiting to hear about the status of a significant grant that it applies for regularly.

“The Thurston County Heritage Grant Program –  its grants are usually due at the end of August,” said Valcho. “I contacted them, and they’re delayed.” 

She said that the commission should learn its status by September.


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