Lacey reviews 2024 lodging tax fund applications to fund city promotion, tourism


Lacey’s Lodging Tax Advisory Committee (LTAC) reviewed the 2024 lodging tax fund applications at a meeting yesterday, September 13, which included requests aimed at promoting the city.

In this funding cycle, there are four applications for the marketing category with a $228,000 total amount requested:

  • The Visitor and Convention Bureau (VCB) of Thurston County for $110,000 to be used for tourism promotion and event assessments
  • North America Talk Media Group/Thurston Talk for $38,000 for tourism promotion and marketing
  • City of Lacey: Public Affairs for $10,000 to be used on banners
  • Lacey South Sound Chamber of Commerce for $70,000 to be used on tourism promotion and marketing.

The committee agreed to request a presentation from representatives of Public Affairs, Thurston Talk, and the South Sound Chamber of Commerce. They would also like to ask for some additional information without a presentation from the VCB.

Capital project applications

“There were also four applications in this category. The total amount requested for this category is $271,500,” Siglin said.

For maintenance and operations purposes, the City of Lacey: Regional Athletic Complex (RAC) requested $180,000, the Washington Center for Performing Arts requested $35,000, and the City of Lacey: Museum requested $48,500. The City of Lacey: Regional Athletic Complex requested $8,000 for the addition of golf carts for staff mobility for maintenance.

The committee will bring in the City of Lacey to talk about the RAC, and they requested additional information on the museum's overall budget.

Event applications

“This year, there were a total of 18 event applications. Those event applications total $350,544,” said Sadie Siglin, Management Analyst for the City Manager's Office.

The events will be scored using a scoring rubric based on event newness, ability to attract visitors, marketing, safety, inclusivity, impact, and other categories.

LTAC recommends to the Lacey City Council the use of lodging tax revenues every year, and applicants can apply to be part of this recommendation.

Lodging tax revenue comes from the city's 4% hotel-motel tax on each night of room rental. Local hotel and motel operators collect the tax and remit it to the Washington State Department of Revenue (WSDOR), and WSDOR distributes the tax to the city.

The meeting did not require the committee to make any funding decisions yet, but to scan through the application details to know who the committee wants to ask for more details from.

The 18 applications under the events category will be rated using a scoring rubric.
The 18 applications under the events category will be rated using a scoring rubric.


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