LOTT extending deadline for Tumwater’s purchase of Deschutes Valley properties


The City of Tumwater and LOTT Clean Water Alliance are looking to extend the deadline for a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that will lead to Tumwater’s purchase of three LOTT properties in the Deschutes Valley, adjacent to the city-owned golf course.

The Tumwater Public Works Committee endorsed on Wednesday, April 3, an amendment to the MOU pushing the agreement's expiration from June 30 to December 31.

Both parties should have already determined the feasibility and terms of the sale by the end of the year. If no purchase is closed, the agreement will terminate unless both parties agree to extend it again.

Earlier along the timeline, Tumwater is also expected to write a letter of intent to LOTT about acquiring the property by May 31. The original deadline for the letter lapsed on March 31.

Water Resources Director Dan Smith told the committee they hired SCJ Alliance to conduct the feasibility review. The director added that the firm had completed the draft review and that he was expecting to receive the report last week.

Smith also shared that they have identified additional elements requiring further discussion with the city council, such as the easements along the railroad tracks passing through the valley.

The three properties in question cover a total area of 45 acres. LOTT originally purchased the site to construct a reclaimed water satellite treatment facility. However, the agency’s latest master plan stated that it no longer needed the property as it was shifting away from satellite production facilities.

With the committee endorsing the agreement, it will now be forwarded to the city council as part of its consent agenda in a future meeting.


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  • Snevets

    Is this where the buildings of the old brewery sit?

    I hope I'm still alive to see all of those buildings finally come down!

    Tuesday, April 9 Report this

  • MartyKenney

    Wow that’s some PRIME real estate.. would love to see a community input discussion on the potential uses for it. I’d love to see the viaduct between e street and Cleveland Ave get build through there.

    Wednesday, April 10 Report this