Man jailed for breaking into Lacey office building -- twice -- over the weekend


A man who claimed he lived in the building which occupies the Lacey South Sound Chamber of Commerce reportedly broke two windows, gaining access on Sunday, April 18, 2021.

Lacey Police were alerted at 11:42 pm Saturday by a witness living in the apartment complex adjacent to the 420 Golf Club Road SE building, after the suspect, Nicholas Taylor, Jr, yelled back to the witness that “he lived” in the Chamber building, and that they could “call the police if they wanted to.”

Four officers arrived on the scene after Taylor had already triggered the fire alarm after breaching the building. Taylor had fresh cuts on his arm after cutting himself on the door’s glass, and there was blood smeared on the walls leading up the stairs to another locked door.

Police stated in their report that it was “apparent that (Taylor) suffered from mental illness” and appeared manic at times during the conversation.

Taylor did not indicate which suite he “lived in” but said that his “crazy meds” were in his office.

After being read his rights and agreeing to speak with Lacey Police, Taylor refused to answer any direct questions and stated “I’m done.”

Taylor then proceeded to talk, despite officers reminding him of his right to remain silent.

Taylor said that the corner office suite upstairs was leased by him and showed officers a business card of “Iris Group” with his name on it.

A local transient Randall Hubbard who lives in a recreational vehicle near the building confirmed to officers that Taylor “sort of lives there.”

Taylor said he lost the keys to his car and the building, which is “why he had to break in.” Taylor was cited for malicious mischief, and got on his bicycle, riding it up and down the street, contacting the remaining officer on scene “several times” while an attempt was made to reach the building owner.

The officer wrote in his report that Taylor picked up a large rock, walked to another glass door on the opposite end of the building, set it down, and stared at it for several times. Then Taylor grabbed the rock, ran across the street to throw it in the bushes.

The building’s owner, Michael Weinstock, lives in California. When reached, Weinstock said that he had been receiving emails from Taylor which were considered “somewhat threatening.” Weinstock did acknowledge that the building security cameras were non-functional.

The officer cleared the scene and left.

A short time later, dispatch advised the officer that the there was another fire alarm going off at the building. The building’s other glass door had been smashed, and Taylor’s bicycle was inside. Taylor was found behind the bushes near the building, acting “as if he had no clue” why the officers were contacting him.

“Oh, by the way, someone broke that other window,” Taylor told police.

Taylor was booked into the Nisqually Jail for malicious mischief.


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