Medic One to reimburse partner cities for SWAT paramedics 


Thurston County Medic One is working on a mechanism to add SWAT paramedics to its response team. 

The Tumwater Public Health and Safety Committee endorsed to its city council on Monday, June 10, an amendment to the city’s contract with Medic One, providing a process for Medic One to reimburse the city if it provides the organization with a SWAT paramedic. 

Under the updated agreement, Medic One will reimburse Tumwater $25,000 that goes towards the salary and benefits of the paramedic. 

Assistant Fire Chief Shawn Crimmins explained that SWAT paramedics provide advanced life support to other SWAT members and injured suspects. SWAT paramedics can also help in support roles depending on their training. 

Crimmins clarified that the city’s fire department currently does not have a SWAT paramedic as the one they had recently left after 12 years with the department. 

He added that the contract does not require the city to provide a paramedic. As the cities of Olympia and Lacey also get to designate a SWAT paramedic for Medic One, either of the two cities may appoint a second paramedic if Tumwater chooses not to provide one. 

Medic One has budgeted $75,000 to support up to three paramedics. 

To determine how the cities will qualify for the reimbursement, the county and the cities will have to executive another intergovernmental agreement to guide the coordination of SWAT teams in times of emergency. 

The amended contract will be forwarded to the city council’s consent agenda at its July 2 meeting. 


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