More fiber optic capacity set to follow agreement with Lightcurve


Seeking to facilitate expansion of fiber optic capacity in the county, the Board of County Commissioners approved on Tuesday, March 19, a nonexclusive franchise for Mashell Telecom, Inc., which is doing business as Lightcurve Internet.

The franchise authorizes Lightcurve to construct, operate, and maintain its fiber optic telecommunication lines along the county’s rights-of-way for 10 years.

Budget and Fiscal Manager Nicole Martinez told the board that the franchise agreement is similar to other telecommunication franchise agreements the county has entered into, adding that it contains various provisions establishing Lightcurve’s responsibilities and liabilities, including: 

  • In the event of an emergency in which Lightcurve’s facilities are affected, the company agrees to reimburse the county for any costs incurred by the county to respond to the incident.
  • If a private or county property is impaired or damaged by the company's actions, Lightcurve will restore the property at its own cost.
  • The county reserves the right to authorize where the company’s facilities will be installed within the designated franchise area. If the county needs a facility relocated, Lightcurve will relocate the facility at no expense to the county.

If the company decides that it no longer needs a certain facility, it shall be responsible for removing it in accordance with the county’s road standards. Lightcurve will retain all liabilities for the said facility even after the termination of the agreement until it can remove the facility.

The board held a hearing before authorizing the franchise. The county received no public comments before the hearing, nor did anyone from the public speak during the meeting.


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  • Mugwump

    More options for consumers and actual competition are a good thing. Fingers crossed that Xfinity or Comcast aren't using Lightcurve as a facade to get favorable terms from local governments, get the cables laid, and then merge with them to perpetuate the existing monopolistic paradigm.

    Thursday, March 21 Report this