More graffiti taggers caught in the act and arrested


Two repeat graffiti taggers of the Quality Burrito were caught by security surveillance which led to their arrests on yesterday. 

Kelli Mazzoni, 27, was caught by Olympia Police on Thu., April 29 as she ran back from the building’s alleyway to the adjacent parking lot, driving away in a car without license plates. The officer recognized Mazzoni and the vehicle from previous encounters.

As the vehicle left, her accomplice, Cimmarron Bale-Fookes, exited the alleyway. Bale-Fookes was detained by police for an active DOC warrant.

Police say Bale-Fookes told officers that she and Mazzoni had been spray painting the “free wall” and the wall behind the Quality Burrito which was not “free” to spray paint. Officers reported fresh paint on the Quality Burrito wall.

Bale-Fookes was arrested for her outstanding DOC warrant and transported to the Nisqually Jail.

Mazzoni was contacted by Olympia Police at the Olympia Inn. She admitted to spray-painting the word “Killa” on the Quality Burrito wall. She told officers that she knew that the wall was not “free” but was feeling rebellious.

Mazzoni handed officers her backpack, which contained multiple spray cans.

Mazzoni was booked into the Olympia Jail on suspicion of graffiti and a trespass warrant.  


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