Murder suspect to undergo competency evaluation

Charges stem from the death of Shaun Moore last September


The trial of an Olympia man accused of murder is awaiting the results of a competency evaluation to determine whether the man is competent to stand trial.

Kyle G. Jarstad, 32, is accused of second-degree murder, unlawful disposal of human remains and tampering with physical evidence. The charges stem from the death of Shaun Moore, 31, whose body was found on Sept. 15, near the railroad tracks at Plum and Union streets in downtown Olympia.

According to court records, on Feb. 3, a judge ordered a competency evaluation be arranged to determine whether Jarstad could stand trial. According to Washington state law, a person is unfit for trial when “a person lacks the capacity to understand the nature of the proceedings against him or her or to assist in his or her own defense as a result of a mental disease or defect.” It further states: “no incompetent person shall be tried, convicted or sentenced for the commissioner [sic] of an offense so long as such incapacity continues.”

Jarstad currently has a competency hearing scheduled for March 1 in Thurston County Superior Court.

According to court records, the Olympia Police Department, while investigating Moore’s death, traced his whereabouts to his last known address — an Olympia apartment. Six people were living in the apartment at the time, including Jarstad. All six were eventually arrested in connection to Moore’s death, including Jonathan Carroway and Joseph Laursen, who were also charged with second-degree murder.

Also arrested were Billyjo Richardson, Helen Richardson and Ashleigh Butsch. They were all charged with rendering criminal assistance.

All other cases associated with Moore’s death are still ongoing.

According to court documents, through a series of interviews, police learned Moore was held in the apartment and regularly assaulted during a two-week period, ending in his death.

In a transcript of an interview conducted Dec. 17 between OPD detectives and Jarstad, obtained by The JOLT through a public records request, Jarstad continually referred to Moore as an “asshole” and told detectives his death wasn’t worth investigating. He accused Moore of taking food from the others.

“And you’re sitting there treating it … uh, like he is the victim. We are the victims,” Jarstad said in the transcript, adding shortly later: “So, if, if you excuse me, I think this thing is over. Because he was an asshole, he deserved his fate, and that’s it. So, why are we continuing the uh, uh, this over a, uh… worthless piece of trash?”

Also in the transcript, Jarstad said he beat Moore on multiple occasions but stated he wasn’t trying to kill him. Carroway and Laursen, are also accused of taking part in the beatings, netting them murder charges as well.

Jarstad is being held on $1 million and has been held in the Thurston County Jail since Dec. 17. 


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