Neighbor reports shouting and objects breaking, boyfriend goes to jail

Recording of 911 call provides more details


A neighbor called police early this morning after a domestic dispute including shouting and objects breaking created fear for the safety of the couple’s 10-month-old child.

Lacey Police arrived at approximately 1:09 a.m. today to witness Larry Felix, 41, standing on the patio outside his apartment’s kitchen window, pointing his finger at his girlfriend’s face, amid several broken parts of the kitchen window mini-blinds which were strewn all over the patio area.

According to Felix’s girlfriend, Felix attempted to break into the residence through the kitchen windows after she had locked the doors on him; he had ripped out the mini-blinds in the process. While police interviewed Felix’s girlfriend, she was “interrupted by Felix several times.”

Felix’s girlfriend told Lacey Police that Felix had made threats that he would take away their 10-month-old child from her. She told officers and that she was in fear of him due to his behavior and “apparent drug use.”

In the officers’ report, Felix was “exhibiting signs of recent methamphetamine use” and had “extreme involuntary muscle movements” and “could not sit still during” the conversation with police.

Felix told Lacey Police that he “broke the blinds. I will take responsibility for that.” Felix said that his girlfriend used a kitchen broom to prevent him from entering the apartment, and had armed herself with a knife.

Felix was booked into the Nisqually Jail for malicious mischief and simple assault, domestic violence.

  • Courtesy of Lacey Police Department

    This recording is of the neighbor's report on a domestic violence situation at the home of Larry C. Felix on April 29, 2020.


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