Faces of hate

Neo-Nazi arrests in Idaho last weekend reveal identities of some who defaced Respect & Love Olympia mural

Patriot Front members documented their rehearsal and vandalism

This video, dated 10-16-21, purportedly shows eight of the nine individuals who were involved in the defacement of the Respect & Love Olympia mural on the same date.
Courtesy of UnicornRiot.ninja, video made by Patriot Front participant

Police in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho arrested 31 neo-Nazis, members of the Patriot Front extremist group, who were said to be on their way to disrupt a Pride event there, last Saturday, June 11. At least five of them have been identified as those who defaced the “Respect & Love Olympia” mural here last October 16.

The independent news organization Unicorn Riot published an expose of Patriot Front last January that included several photographs from and details about the Olympia event. Combining data from social media and what Unicorn Riot called a “massive leak from [Patriot Front's] chat servers,” Unicorn Riot cataloged video recordings and photographs that The JOLT and independent researchers have since used to piece together some details of the Olympia vandalism.

The June 11 arrests provided the identities of five individuals who were previously known only by their code names, such as “David WA” or “Tyler WA.”  These individuals include:

  • Spencer Thomas Simpson, 20, of Ellensburg
  • Colton Michael Brown, 23, of Ravensdale
  • Justin Michael O'Leary, 27, of Des Moines
  • Laurence Alexander Norman, 32, of Prospect, Oregon
  • James Julius Johnson, 36, of Concrete

Video evidence (see above) shows that nine individuals were involved in the October 16 event, including five whose identities have been matched by comparing the Kootenai County, Idaho, Sheriff’s office mug shots against with images from Unicorn Riot.

Who were the other four?

The video from October 16 shows eight individuals; a ninth person was running the video camera. No police agency has proposed that they have positive identification of the remaining four people.

Arrest and prosecution

The 31 arrested last Saturday have been charged with conspiracy to riot.  All have posted bail and been released from the county jail. All are under court orders to return to Coeur d’Alene for trials at a future date or dates.

The individuals who were involved in the Olympia vandalism are shown rehearsing their plans in a video taken inside of the abandoned Olympia Brewery, which is located in Tumwater.  No information has become available that charges have been filed yet by Tumwater or Olympia.


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  • WayTooOld

    It’s nice to know that these, um, “local artists” have been recognized and will finally be given the credit and compensation they deserve for their works.

    Saturday, June 18, 2022 Report this

  • Southsoundguy

    Something about this whole story seems off.

    Sunday, June 19, 2022 Report this