New internet service provider coming to Tumwater


Internet service provider Ziply Fiber Pacific is working to make its services available in Tumwater.

The Tumwater City Council conducted a public hearing on Tuesday, January 16, for an ordinance granting the company a master permit to use the city’s right of way for its telecommunication facilities.

Assistant Transportation and Engineering Director Mary Heather Ames told the council that the ordinance does not allow for the construction of new facilities but detailed the permitting requirements for new construction. The ordinance does allow for the company to install additional conduits.

Ames added that Ziply Fiber will be using facilities already installed in the 1990s and previously held by another company.

Ziply Fiber is headquartered in Kirkland and Everett. According to its website, it was founded in 2020 after acquiring Frontier Communications’s northwest operations.

Ames said that the company is only primarily serving enterprise customers but is looking to expand and serve Tumwater residents and businesses.

The hearing was closed without any comments from the public. The ordinance will return to the council on Tuesday, February 6 for a second hearing before the council considers its approval.


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  • SecondOtter

    wait a minute. The ordinance doesn't allow for construction of new facilities on 'right-of-way', yet Tumwater insists on roundabouting the entire city because why? Because it's fashionable, I guess. Giant warehouses that encroach on right of way are okay, but something that actually benefits the residents is against an ordinance?

    The City Council needs to get out of their ivory tower and see what chaos their decisions are causing. They've turned Tumwater into South Fife.

    Saturday, January 20 Report this