No plates, no drivers license, yes methamphetamine, yes weapons, no jail


Driving with no license plate and an invalid trip permit got a man pulled over and arrested by Olympia Police early in the morning last Thursday.

Olympia Police pulled over Leslie Locker, 40, April 29, after recognizing that the white Ford Focus that Locker was driving had a blacked-out trip permit in the back window. Locker provided all of the paperwork; the registration form, the handwritten bill of sale, and receipt from the junkyard. Except it was all in the name of a man in Idaho - Jacob Osland.

At first, Locker claimed to be Osland. After the officer re-approached and asked a second time, he admitted his real name. Running Locker’s name through dispatch, they discovered his driver’s license was suspended and that he had an active Washington State Dept. of Corrections (DOC) warrant for Custodial Assault. On his person, police say they discovered several concealed knives, including one measuring approximately 12” long and two baggies of “what appeared to be methamphetamines.”

On the driver’s side floorboard was the Idaho driver’s license of Jacob Osland, who was not present in the car at the time of Locker’s arrest.

Locker was transported to Nisqually Jail for his DOC warrant but complained of pain/injury to an old elbow injury. The DOC officer advised officers that Locker would need to be medically cleared before being booked. Olympia Police decided not to have Locker medically cleared and transported him back to Osland’s vehicle from the Nisqually Jail.

Locker apologized numerous times to officers for lying to them. “I was going to hand you that ID (Osland’s), but I didn’t last minute, it’s funny because my real ID is in the car.”

Locker was issued a criminal citation for violation of a trip permit and citations for driving while license suspended, making false statements to a public servant and possession of a dangerous weapon. Locker was also issued a Traffic Citation for operating a motor vehicle without insurance and then released at the scene.


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So the police took him back to the car that he stole AND he doesn’t have a drivers license or insurance!???

The rest of the story???

Tuesday, May 4
Jason S

I agree with SheriB's -- this story needs more follow-up. Even if the car wasn't stolen, why would someone with a suspended license be chauffeured back to a car with an invalid trip permit and set free. If nothing else, what about the alleged methamphetamines? It sounds like the cops decided it was too much hassle to take the guy to get checked out at the hospital so that they could finish booking him, so they decided "nevermind". Is that really what happened?!

Tuesday, May 4