Olympia is soliciting proposals for 2045 Comprehensive Plan scoping and environmental review services


Olympia is soliciting proposals from qualified respondents to do scoping and environmental reviews for the city's 2045 Comprehensive Plan update.

The city's request for proposals asks for the completion of scoping for a non-project Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), developing a schedule of critical steps and timelines, and preparing the draft and final EIS for the comprehensive plan update.

Olympia is updating its comprehensive plan, as required under the Growth Management Act, to address new state requirements, specifically climate change mitigation, resiliency, and housing.

Olympia has secured $137,500 in grant funding to support the update of its Comprehensive Plan. The contract value for consulting services will be determined based on the proposal submitted by the selected consultants.

The city aims to complete scoping on the 2045 Comprehensive Plan by June 2024 and the completion of the plan's draft and final EIS in the first quarter of 2025. These documents will support the city's adoption of the updated Comprehensive Plan by the June 2025 deadline.

Environmental review

The city has enumerated tasks for the scoping and environmental review process:

Task 1: Conduct an expanded "scoping" process, initiating participation by the public, tribal governments, and other local, state, and federal agencies to comment on a proposal's alternatives, impacts, and potential mitigation measures to be analyzed in the EIS.

Task 2: Prepare a summary of scoping comments that summarizes the comments received during the scoping process, identifies the elements of the environment, alternatives, and mitigation measures to be analyzed, and provides other relevant information.

Task 3: Prepare the draft EIS, which analyzes the probable impacts of the plan and reasonable alternatives and includes references to existing studies, modeling, and other information as deemed necessary.

Task 4: Coordinate with the city to issue the draft EIS for review and comment by the public, tribal governments, and other local, state, and federal agencies.

Task 5: Prepare the final EIS, which includes analyzing and responding to all comments received on the draft EIS, and include references to existing studies and modeling to evaluate probable impacts as deemed necessary.

Task 6: Coordinate with the city to issue the final EIS.

The deadline for submission of proposals is on January 12, 2024, at 5 pm.

Interested parties may submit their proposals to RFP coordinator Joyce Phillips.


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