Olympia’s Planning Commission proposes enhanced bike lanes


Olympia’s Planning Commission focused its Monday meeting on proposed standards for an enhanced bike lane network.

Commissioner Gregory Quetin said the proposed enhancements would help in reducing carbon emissions and promote active transportation.

“The proposed action would review the most current understanding of what is necessary to provide safe and pleasant bike infrastructure and update engineering standards, the transportation plan, and the comprehensive plan to match,” Quetin’s proposal read.

The proposed enhanced bike lanes would be standard 5-foot lanes with a vertical separation, such as bollards, planter boxes or curbs. A painted buffer with a minimum of two to three feet may also separate these lanes.

Quetin said there is a need to build a 52-mile network of bike lanes in the city— some streets would be identified to receive an enhanced bike lane, while streets would continue to include at least standard bike lanes.

Commission Chair Candi Millar said the plan needs thorough coordination with the public works department as street design varies in some areas depending on the usual traffic.

“Maybe we can encourage [public works] to look at the modification in their design. I am in favor of enhanced bike lanes, but we need to take a look at the road designs, including bike lanes, sidewalks, and other elements,” Millar said.

The commission agreed to discuss the proposal further to address other aspects, including additional staff time and pedestrian safety.


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  • RuthApter

    I would love to see 26th between Sleater Kenny Road and the backside of Priest Point Park be at least walkable and even better bikable. Right now it is a dangerous road for anyone who is brave enough to walk side traffic coming and going on either side.

    Thursday, January 27 Report this