Police pursuit ends in collision on I-5


A shooting suspect who fled from the scene was chased by law enforcement, which resulted in a collision on Interstate 5. 

In a post by Thurston County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) on April 7, the Lacey Police Department (LPD) responded to the incident and sought the assistance of TCSO in chasing after the suspect, who was weaving recklessly through traffic.

The suspect vehicle was traveling southbound on I-5 and switching lanes at high speed. 

Upon reaching exit 88, the vehicle momentarily left the freeway before re-entering via the southbound on-ramp. 

However, as law enforcement closed in, the suspect reversed direction and headed northbound in the southbound lanes.

“The suspect vehicle was struck by another vehicle and was eventually taken into custody,” TCSO stated in their news release.

Both occupants of the second vehicle sustained minor injuries, with one requiring medical attention, and were transported to a nearby hospital.


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  • FirstOtter

    I bet the car was stolen. And I bet the shooter/thieves had grown up playing grand theft auto. I just hope whomever was in the car they collided with recover. They're probably lucky they weren't killed. Too bad the suspects weren't. The gene pool needs a serious cleaning.

    It's interesting in that it doesn't appear as if the airbags inflated

    Friday, April 12 Report this

  • ejpoleii

    It is unfortunate that the article was written in a manner that blamed the police for the accident when it is TOTALLY on the "suspect". It might be useful to equip the LEOs with drones that can follow a suspect undetected so that they can pick the place and time of their action.

    Friday, April 12 Report this