Port of Olympia Commission re-elects Iyall president


The Port of Olympia Commission unanimously voted to re-elect Commissioner Bob Iyall as its president on Monday, January 22.

Iyall was the commission president before Commissioner Amy Evans Harding, the outgoing president.

Commissioner Jasmine Vasavada, later elected vice president, nominated Iyall.

Commissioner Sarah Tonge, who nominated Vasavada, was elected as secretary.

Before Vasavada was elected , she gave a statement thanking Harding for the conversations leading up to the election and Iyall for stepping in as president.

“I really want to thank Commissioner Iyall for stepping in to be president and building that container that you've been building Commissioner Harding — the container for discussion where you make space for everyone to contribute,” Vasavada said, adding, “I think that I will benefit from you building that container while I am so eager to contribute until I get past some of my impatience.”

Commission rules amended

Before the election of officers, the commission voted to adopt a set of amendments to the rules governing how the commission transacts its business.

The changes modify four sections of the rules allowing the vice president to jointly develop the commission’s agenda with the president and executive director. The current rules only allow for the president to meet with the executive director when reviewing agendas.

Vasavada requested these changes during an earlier meeting this month to improve collaboration especially since the commission expanded to five members.

“I think that there's really strength to having a chair for the commission who was had some experience with the commission and at the same time, I think there's a real importance… to be building sort of more stability with the commission by having a vice chair that's actively engaged right now in agenda setting and ready to kind of move forward,” Vasavada said.


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  • TonyW33

    I certainly support Commissioner Vasavada's continuing wisdom at the Port. She is a leader. Next time the votes will likely be there for her Chairmanship.

    Wednesday, January 24 Report this

  • GinnyAnn

    I'm glad Bob Iyall has been elected president of the commission. He's very intelligent and has had years of experience leading groups towards collaboration.

    Wednesday, January 24 Report this

  • Boatyarddog

    Very happy to see a New Port governance making Way.

    Please include in our port commission strong TRANSPARENCY stipulations.

    In many past times TRANSPARENCY has been al, but gutted.

    This was how decisions were hidden from public view, and got WAY out of line.

    Patience and perseverance Commissioner Vasavada

    Is key to our success as a Port.

    Thank you for recognizing this.

    Wednesday, January 24 Report this