Resident of downtown homeless camp accused of firing BB gun at staff member


Upset that he was asked to allow staff to briefly move the ramp to his micro house at the downtown mitigation site, a resident there allegedly shot at the  camp staff with a BB gun last Thursday.

John Loutzenhiser, 34, allegedly took offense to the request by the mitigation site staff to move the wheelchair ramp to his micro house’s front door  to allow a moving tractor to place more micro houses in the camp.

Loutzenhiser, who is wheelchair bound, has  “caused problems” at the camp since his arrival, according to staff member Jessica Manzanares, who accused Loutzenhiser of shooting his BB gun at her.

Manzanares said that she was not hit. Another staff member, Anthony Cody, confirmed to Olympia police that Loutzenhiser was throwing things at staff, and that Cody heard Loutzenhiser threaten to shoot Manzanares with the BB gun.

Loutzenhiser told OPD that he got angry at staff for touching his things. He admitted to owning a BB gun but denied firing it at anyone.

Loutzenhiser was cited for assault, and released at the scene.

The camp known as the “mitigation site” is located at 303 Franklin St. in downtown Olympia.


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Using “wheelchair bound” to describe someone who uses a wheelchair fir mobility is out of date by several decades. Please update your style book to appropriately.

Monday, June 7

Your more concerned with terminology than the fact this man was shooting a bb gun at someone?

Tuesday, June 8

When I was a kid, my fiends used bb and pellet guns to play "war" in the fields around the neighborhood, but whatever. The editor can take 20 seconds to update the article to proper usage and get rid of a term that was deemed archaic 30 years ago. I would think that if JOLT wants to be taken seriously as a news source, they would focus on that.

Wednesday, June 9

The only thing the jolt seems to ever want to be clear about is how disdainful they are about unsheltered humans. We ran around and played those bb gun war games as kiddos too. Not that big of a deal. I mean sure, you could "put your eye out " but not likely. I don't know the staff. Sounds like they need a thicker skin for the job. If you aren't there for the people you should not be there. Going to school and getting a degree is not anything like having life experiences. Staff often don't understand how to treat people in camps as they would want to be treated themselves, or how they want say their mom or dad or other loved ones treated. They are just doing a job so the people in the camps become more of a product in their minds. They tell themselves that they are trying to help, but have little interest in seeing sheltered people as equals to themselves. It's too bad for the workers, sounds like they need an easier job, with products to move around not one dealing with people or as grandpa used to say- you can't run with the big dogs if you're still peeing like a puppy. How many tiny boxes "homes" can you stuff into one small space!? Why aren't these people treated as deserving a little space? We all need a little space for good mental health. I feel sad for the obviously traumatised man in this story, frustrated with the author and the puppy staff member.

Wednesday, June 9