Revising the project for the Voter's Registration Service Center saved over a million dollars, county reports

Budget still needs some work to stay within the grant provided funding amount


Capital Projects Planning Manager Rick Thomas reported that a total of $1.4 million was reduced from the original budget of $4.1 million for building the Voter’s Registration Service Center.

With the help of the project architect, engineering group, and the Auditor’s Office, Thomas explained that they were able to develop Value Engineering and scope modifications to reduce the actual cost of the project.

The structure upgrades, mechanical, electrical, lighting, and plumbing components were all revised by simplifying the design in order to meet the existing project budget.

Security scope

The Auditor’s Office staff, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) consultants and Central Services Project Managers met and reviewed all of the recommendations.

The DHS was able to recommend 22 security items, including security film on glass, ballistic-resistant material in the low wall at the Reception counter and the walls of the “safe rooms,“ high-security doors for the “safe rooms,“ a plexiglass divider above the Reception counter with security film, large concrete planters outside the main entrance, an intrusion alarm system, anti-tamper door hinges, a remote door release and intercom for front entry, an emergency generator, and a CCTV camera system.

Thomas reported that the 2023 Federal & State grants add up to $300,000, and there will be an additional $80,000 in State security grants available in July 2024, resulting in a total of $380,000 in available security grant funding.

Federal and State grants amounting to $80,000 will be allocated to the County IT department, with a portion dedicated to purchasing and installing a 6-camera CCTV system with the remaining balance allocated for acquiring and installing an emergency generator.

Thomas mentioned that the construction of the voting center is still $400,000 over the initial budget of $1,907,000. The total security grant, which amounts to $380,000, will cover all the preferred and recommended options suggested by the DHS.

District 2 Commissioner Gary Edwards suggested that, given their limited budget, they might consider partnering with the Sheriff's Office or the Tumwater Police Department to have security personnel attend to the Voting Center and monitor the security equipment that will be installed.


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