Take the Intercity Transit survey and get a $5 Starbucks card


Intercity Transit is reaching out to its passengers for input on its 2024 Title VI plan update.

As part of its commitment to providing equal access to public transportation, the agency will conduct a passenger survey from Monday, November 13, to Sunday, November 19, to gather information that will contribute to shaping the future of transit in the region.

The survey will be administered onboard buses and at various transit centers, bus stops, transfer stations, and park-and-ride locations.

Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act is legislation designed to protect individuals from discrimination based on race, color, or nationality in programs that receive federal funding.

Public transportation, including Intercity Transit, falls under this category.

Intercity Transit updates its Title VI program every three years to ensure compliance with Federal Transit Administration (FTA) regulations.

However, the recent change in Intercity Transit’s designation to a large urban transit agency, effective October 1, 2023, has brought new responsibilities.

This change occurred because the Olympia-Lacey urbanized area (UZA) population surpassed 200,000, a threshold that triggers additional Title VI compliance requirements from the FTA.

These requirements include conducting passenger surveys every three years.

In addition to the mandatory Title VI questions addressing demographic features like ethnicity, income, and primary language, the survey delves deeper into understanding passengers' needs and preferences.

This compliance update seeks to improve the quality of transit services by gathering insights on the following:

  1. Smartphone ownership: Intercity Transit is interested in understanding how many passengers own smartphones and how these devices might influence their transit experiences.
  2. Origin and destination information: Understanding where passengers begin and end their journey to be able to come up with more efficient and convenient routes.
  3. Service usage: Inquire about passengers' commuting experiences, including the time it takes for their daily commutes.
  4. Communication preferences: How passengers prefer to receive news and information so Intercity Transit can keep riders informed effectively.

In exchange for participation, passengers completing the survey will receive a $5 Starbucks gift card as a token of appreciation.


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