Thurston County delivered and treated millions of gallons of water in 2023, discusses study


For 2023, Thurston County’s stormwater facilities delivered 114.15 million gallons of potable water and treated 81.21 million gallons of wastewater, as stated in the agenda document.

These key success metrics came from three water treatment facilities and four wastewater treatment facilities operating all day every week for 365 days.

The county has the Grand Mound, Boston Harbor, Tamoshan Water and Sewer Utilities, and Olympic View Sewer Utilities.

The utilities serve about 840 private and commercial connections and provide essential public health and safety functions.

Stormwater Utility Comprehensive Study

Water Resources Manager Tim Wilson met with the Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) to discuss the Stormwater Utility Comprehensive Study.

“With the exception of the Grand Mound systems, all the water and sewer utilities were acquired by the requirement of the state regulatory agencies due to the systems either failing or being poorly managed by the communities they serve,” said Wilson. “It is the sole responsibility of the county to operate and manage the water and sewer systems in accordance with law.”

The BoCC authorized the Request for Proposal issuance in August 2022 for comprehensive stormwater study services for the Storm and Surface Water Utility.

According to the agenda document, the study is meant to provide a comprehensive assessment and make recommendations for managing the Storm and Surface Water Utility to provide an equitable program across unincorporated Thurston County, meet applicable regulatory requirements, and meet the county's strategic objectives where there may be no regulatory requirements.

The study has seven tasks, namely:

  • Task 1 – Stormwater Management Program (July 2024)
  • Task 2 – Capital Improvements Program (May 2024)
  • Task 3 – Stormwater System Assessment (April 2024)
  • Task 4 – Asset Management (March 2024)
  • Task 5 – Financial Analysis (October 2024)
  • Task 6 – Prepare Comprehensive Study (October 2024)
  • Task 7 – Public Outreach and Stakeholder Involvement (December 2024)


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