Thurston County Public Works discusses on-call contract solicitation and evaluation processes

Agency selects 11 firms after evaluation processes


Thurston County Public Works met with the Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) yesterday to discuss this year’s on-call contract solicitation, evaluation, and results.

According to the agenda document, these contracts allowed the public works department to take on tasks requiring skills and expertise not efficiently available in-house, improved timely response to emergencies and other unplanned needs, and advance work that would have otherwise been postponed due to limited resources.

“When a project is determined to use on-call consultant contracts, the agency would evaluate the statements of qualifications and performance data, and then select a firm deemed to be the most highly qualified to provide these services required for that proposed project,” said Assistant Director of Thurston County Public Works Karen Weiss.

Current on-call contracts expire on July 31, 2024, and no further time extensions were authorized.

On-call consulting contracts are on an ‘as-needed’ basis to provide planning, design, construction management, and other activities related to the construction of public facilities.

2024 selection process and results

On March 5, 2024, the board authorized the issuance of a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for On-Call Engineering and Professional Consulting Services.
Within a month, the agency has received 19 responsive proposals. These were evaluated using company qualifications, key personnel, government/public agency experience, past performance (references), and sustainability.

Thurston County Public Works selected 11 firms.


Proposed Ceiling Amount


HDR Engineering, Inc.






Herrera Environmental Consultants



Sage Geotechnical, LLC



Fehr & Peers



Transpo Group



Gray & Osborne, Inc.






KPG Psomas



Otak, Inc.



TranTech Engineering, LLC


“We ensured that there was more than one firm selected for each category and that provides us a depth on our bench, from time to time the consultants may have staffing issues or may no longer offer service, we wanted to make sure that we had some depth within the system,” said Weiss.

The eight service categories solicited were bridge design & construction, construction contract management, environmental consulting, geotechnical, solid waste facilities, stormwater, traffic & transportation, and water & sewer utilities.


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