Thurston County’s Board of Health recognizes nurses’ contributions


The Thurston County Board of Health (BOH) joined the nation in celebrating the selfless contributions of nurses as it proclaimed National Nurses Week from May 6 - 12.

The BOH announced this year’s theme is “You Make a Difference.” The board said it is a tribute to the varying roles of nurses as well as “the positive impact they have on every person’s life.”

“Nurses are public health heroes who make our communities safer and healthier and contribute to our community as advocates, educators and providers of critical health services,” the proclamation read.

Thurston’s Public Health and Social Services Division Director for Community Wellness Gretchen Thaller, school nurse partners from North Thurston and Tumwater school districts, Maternal Child health nurses and Family Partnership and Disease Control and Prevention nurses attended the meeting to receive the proclamation.

“The past few years of COVID have been very difficult,” said Thaller. “Nurses have been stretched to continuously step up to new challenges without hesitation; they have consistently supported efforts to improve the health of the community.”

The BOH urged all residents, communities, government agencies, faith groups, medical facilities, elected leaders, organizations, and businesses to celebrate nurses’ accomplishments and efforts during this week and at every opportunity throughout the year.


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