Transient moons, police say

Denied a favor, man threatens to “kick your ass and call the cops”


Denied entry to use a butcher shop’s bathroom, a transient proceeded to threaten the store owner as well as “moon” him on Wednesday just before noon.

Andrew B. LaPierre, 36, on April 28 had attempted to enter the Delmonico’s Butcher Shop on 916 4th Avenue E in downtown Olympia when the store owner, Brian McDonald, refused to let him in to use the bathroom.

LaPierre then threatened to “kick his ass” after McDonald “disrespected” him with the bathroom refusal.

LaPierre then ripped a potted plant out of a planter, telling McDonald, “I’m going to kick your ass and call the cops if you shut that door on me.”

McDonald told officers that he believed that LaPierre would attack him, and that the threat caused him to retreat into his store. LaPierre then “mooned” McDonald, exposing his anus and genitalia, offending McDonald.

LaPierre said that he had not mooned McDonald, but that his pants had fallen down.

Neighboring businesses told officers that they witnessed LaPierre spit on Delmonico’s window after he was denied entry.

LaPierre was booked into the Olympia Jail for harassment and indecent exposure.


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