TVW to renovate and expand site to accommodate production needs and community space


The Olympia's Site Plan Review Committee heard a proposal from TVW for building expansion to accommodate the growing team and production needs and provide a community space around its current location at 1058 Capitol Way South.

Founded in 1993, TVW is a multi-platform media network that provides "unfiltered, unbiased, gavel-to-gavel coverage of Washington state government, along with complementary programming, to promote a healthy and robust public discourse, increase civic access and engagement, and foster an informed citizenry."

At the Site Committee meeting on Wednesday, November 29, Renee Radcliff Sinclair, TVW president and chief executive officer, briefly discussed the proposed project and their plan for building expansion.

Sinclair said TVW is growing, particularly in their web streaming operations, which see thousands of daily views of Washington state government proceedings worldwide. Thus, additional space is needed for production, administrative offices, and the creation of event space to serve those visiting Olympia and the local community.

The TVW president noted that they have been working and negotiating with the United Churches and the Washington Rural Electric Co-Op Association, which owned the building to the north of TVW's existing site. In April this year, they purchased the former Dairy Queen, which was recently the headquarters of the Washington Rural Co-Op Association.

"We are right on the cusp of purchasing a parking lot that lies east of TVW's existing parking lot, which is right on the corner of Union and Washington Street," Sinclair announced.

Sinclair emphasized the desire to work with the local community to provide event facilities and a venue for meetings commonly occurring in a state capital city.

Renee Radcliff Sinclair, TVW president and chief executive officer, presented the plan to expand the TVW building at 1058 Capitol Way South to accommodate production needs and provide a community space.
Renee Radcliff Sinclair, TVW president and chief executive officer, presented the plan to expand the TVW building at 1058 Capitol Way South to …


According to Olympia associate planner Lydia Morehead, the proposed office and assembly uses are permitted for the site's downtown business zoning designation.

Moorehead informed the applicant that a lot consolidation is required as the project involves building over three existing lots. She also pointed out that there is a maximum building square footage of 65,000 square feet before the environmental review is triggered. "So, if you go over 65,000 square feet in gross floor area, you will have an environmental review."

Regarding setback requirements, Moorehead explained that they are tied to the street type. The notes from the applicant indicated Capital Way is designated Type A, Union Avenue is Type B, and Washington Street is Type C. For a Type A and B street like Capital Way and Union, the setback from the curb is 12 feet. For a Type C street like Washington Street, the setback from the curb is 10 feet.

The city planner highlighted two methods for calculating the maximum height allowed on the site. The first is a formula provided in the municipal code, which she would include in her notes. The second method is referenced in a specific section of the code, which states the maximum height is 70 feet. She noted that this should be measured from the average adjacent grade, given the sloping conditions on the site.

Moorehead cited the Department of Ecology report that the site has a history of contamination. She advised the applicant to contact Ecology to determine any required actions.

Engineering plans examiner Zulaila Kim provided several engineering-related comments for the applicant to consider. She noted that water service is available from existing meters on Capital Way and Union Avenue, which can be kept, removed, or consolidated.

Kim noted there is currently an existing fire line serving 1058 Capitol Way. Still, she asked the applicant to do a fire line extension to serve the expansion of the actual building, which would either be relocating or integrating it as part of the new proposed construction.

For the solid waste requirements for the proposed expansion, Kim stated that a solid waste scoping meeting would be mandatory due to the anticipated increase in waste generation. She said the applicant would need to plan for managing both existing and new waste streams resulting from the enlarged building footprint and associated uses. She noted that the current collection location in the parking lot near Union Avenue would no longer be suitable under the new proposal.


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