Two kids arrested for bomb threats to multiple elementary schools

Used phone app for prank calls


Law enforcement has just recently arrested two juveniles after allegedly making hoax bomb calls to several elementary schools in the county, Thurston County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) stated in a news release.

Yesterday, February 20, Olympic View Elementary School contacted a School Resource Officer (SRO) from TCSO about a voicemail they received hinting at a potential bomb threat scheduled for the upcoming Tuesday.

Investigation revealed a similar incident reported to the Yelm Police Department involving Mill Pond Elementary School.

TCSO noted that both incidents shared striking similarities, including the geographical origin of the calls.

Upon further investigation, law enforcement officials discovered that two juveniles associated with the location of the calls were potentially involved.

The parents of these juveniles cooperated with authorities; however, the juveniles declined to speak with law enforcement.

“The parents allowed law enforcement to review their cell phones, and law enforcement found an app used to make the hoax phone calls,” TCSO stated in the police report.

The two juveniles were found to have allegedly made similar threats to several other schools, including Rochester High School, Yelm Extension School, and Ridgeline Middle School, among others.

The two youths were arrested and booked into Thurston County Juvenile Detention, whose cases were forwarded to the Prosecutor’s Office.

“It is imperative to underscore that threats targeting our educational institutions are unequivocally intolerable. As such, every reported threat will be rigorously investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law and our commitment to ensuring the safety and security of our schools and communities,” said TCSO in their police statement.


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