Why is Thurston County so desirable for buyers?


Lately, I’ve had a lot of folks ask me why Thurston County has suddenly become such a desirable place to live. We’re seeing a trend in relocations from King County to Pierce County, and now from Pierce County to Thurston County. Here are a few reasons why we’re growing.

Now that remote work is the norm for many sectors, buyers have the option of moving away from the fast pace and high-cost living of the city. Thurston County is still considered commutable to Seattle if on-site work is expected part-time, and we’re just two hours away from Portland. 

In that vein, the current median home price in King County is $835,000 while the median home price in Thurston County is $439,000. A homeowner in Seattle, or even further afield in California, can sell a home and make their earnings go a long way toward a new property in Thurston County.

This brings us to the environmental desirability of Thurston County. Our evergreens, spectacular views of the Olympic Mountains and Mount Rainier, access to Puget Sound, and dozens of lovely, secluded lakes are attractive to buyers moving into town. Combine that with sunny, mild summers without too much humidity and it’s no surprise that folks from Texas and California are clamoring for homes here.

A few more details set Thurston County apart. Our local school districts have fantastic reputations for supportive, enriching learning environments that nurture our youngest residents and prepare them well for a successful, happy life. New and upcoming changes to zoning rules that allow homeowners to rent accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are an exciting and attractive development. This change can allow for homeowners to construct and rent small apartments on their property. This is a win-win that increases housing density, helps homeowners cover expenses or combine multi-generational households and, ideally, increases housing equity in Thurston County.

Do you know someone looking to move to Thurston County? Let my team help them find their dream home! Maybe you or someone you know is ready to relocate. In this case, we’d be happy to help them sell their home to a new resident! Don’t hesitate to connect by email at KWoodford@kw.com or by telephone at 360-508-2800.

Kristy Woodford is CEO of Holistic Home Group, which is affiliated with Keller Williams South Sound. She has over ten years of experience as a broker of residential real estate in Thurston County and leads a team of realtors experienced in serving local buyers and sellers. 


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  • AJoytoknow

    Because we continue to let the prices of housing run amuck Thurston county is next on the block for gentrification. People with more money than the average Thurston county residents are buying up housing that seem like a great deal for their bigger pockets while pricing people who have lived in this mostly lower income area out. Our politicians have no backbone to do what would be necessary to make sure it's residents aren't being displaced, they are blinded by the god they worship that is money and value people with it over phone without. For some reason it's still socially acceptable to ignore and discriminate against poverty. Shame on Oly Lacey and Tumwater city council's for not looking out for the average citizens with low wages! I wonder why every year we have more homeless people than the year before? It couldn't be because housing costs are allowed to outpace wages or the city council's bending over backwards to help create so called affordable housing that will not be permanently "affordable" but definitely will make a few people richer than they already are. Shameful.

    Wednesday, May 12, 2021 Report this