Woman arrested after pets found dead in abandoned RV


Authorities discovered two deceased dogs in an abandoned RV at 10400 Littlerock Road SW on April 22.

The property owner reported the situation to Thurston County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) deputies and stated that he allowed a woman, identified as Rachelle Pehl, to park her RV on his land.

The property owner recounted how the suspect, a bartender in need of a place to stay, moved in with her RV, a gray and white Puma XLE Lite, and two dogs a few years ago.

However, communication with the suspect had ceased in recent months, and she had failed to make any payments for a year and a half.

Upon investigation, deputies found the RV still connected to utilities but with no signs of recent habitation.

The property owner revealed he had last seen the suspect at her workplace, O’Blarney’s Irish Pub, where she claimed to have rehomed the dogs.

The property owner said they had a bad feeling about the dogs and asked his father to check the RV and told responding deputies that his father “was able to see through a window what appeared to be Rachelle’s dogs. They had seemingly been abandoned and were deceased on the floor of the RV,” which prompted him to call 911.

The dogs, identified through microchips as a black and white Husky-type and a mixed breed German Shepherd, showed signs of prolonged suffering.

Evidence indicated they had been without food and water for an extended period, which a veterinarian's examination confirmed as starvation being the likely cause of death.

Pehl was arrested at her parents' home on April 26, was booked into Thurston County Jail, and is facing two counts of first-degree animal cruelty.


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