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There is a massive amount of sexual assault and abuse at JBLM. The case of this doctor assaulting patients is shocking, but we also see several cases of senior Commanders sexually assaulting and harassing the troops. We see the sexual assault of children on JBLM - on more than one occasion - along with the production and distribution of child pornography, and JBLM senior police officers posing in front of a brothel mocking the sexual abuse of women, while these crimes are covered up by the JBLM DES and those who report these crimes are subjected to harassment and retaliation. All of this has been reported in the news, and yet the JBLM Commander does nothing about it.

We respect our Soldiers and Airmen on JBLM and understand that the vast majority are honest and honorable men and women, dedicated to serving their country. But, there is also a rotten core of corruption and abuse within the JBLM DES (JBLM Police) and a complete failure of the JBLM leadership to do anything about it.

From: JBLM-Madigan doctor accused of sexual misconduct

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